Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada is a Madrid born fashion designer who entered the world of kids fashion in 1991. The Agatha kids shoe brand is synonymous with colour and life. We love her designs for their colour, originality and durability. There is always something different in her styles that can be found nowhere else. Girls love them for their sparkle and colour and parents love them because they know they are buying good shoes that will last.



"Bo-bell" from the pronunciation of "beau-belle" which means "beautiful-beautiful". Cheerful, colourful, urban, stylish, unique, dynamic, irreverent, light, flexible, outgoing and fun...just as we want our children to be!"

Bo-bell is a family business that brings 20 years of shoemaking experience into its shoes, and it shows. All their shoes are designed and manufactured in Portugal. We love Bo-bell for it's fun colours and designs, comfort and practicality. You can always rely on Bo-bell to offer something new to the world of children's shoes.



New Zealand brand Bobux began in 1991 following two parents quest to find a soft flexible shoe that would stay on the feet of their 9 month old daughter, Chloe. At the time, the only offering was hard-soled shoes, that Chloe would not wear.The first Bobux shoe was created using soft leather and suede and included elastic around the ankle to ensure the shoe actually stayed on and allowed Chloe's feet to develop naturally. That was it - the first Bobux Soft Sole was born!

At Bobux they believe in enhancing the natural development of a child’s foot so they are free to grow and develop healthy feet for life. Barefoot freedom is best so at Bobux they design innovative footwear that mimics the natural freedom of barefeet creating unique children's footwear that recognises the natural anatomical shape of a changing child's foot to deliver the best comfort and protection for growing feet.


Salt Water Sandals

As a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II, Walter Hoy started making his sandals using the scrap leather left over from making military boots. Word soon spread and before long, families from all over St. Louis, were asking if Walter could make sandals for their kids. Seventy years on and Hoy shoes' classic designs continue to deliver durable leather comfort with a fashion savvy attitude.

The leather is coated with a water resistant sealant and they mould to the user's feet with repeated wear. The brass buckles allow straps to be adjusted for narrow or wide feet. They are great for running in and out of the ocean and can be popped into the washing machine; the perfect summer sandal for both wet and dry conditions.



The company was founded in 1921 by Henri Noel as a craft enterprise in Brittany, France. Initially only leather clogs with wooden soles were produced. In 1928 Henri's brother, Edward, became a partner in the business. Noel Frères now specialises in children's and men's shoes. Edward's son, Xavier Noel, joined the company in 1955 and drove growth until in 1970 Noel ranked eighth among French shoe manufacturers.

"Children are dynamic, and so are our shoes," states Noel. One of their specialties is the super-light yet extremely rugged Smartlite sole, which, according to company statements, allows the production of the "lightest shoes on the market". The innersoles are removable in most Noel styles. Noel haven't let practicality stop them from producing some of the most adorable, yet durable children's shoes you could imagine. Beautifully soft interiors will keep your child wearing these shoes day after day.

lelli kelly

Lelli Kelly

The Cutest Shoes
Enter the world of Lelli Kelly, made of colour, fashion and fun. This well loved brand continually strives to improve design, style, quality and technology. The inner sole is made of leather; the outersole is light and antiskid. Thanks to Lelli Kelly’s LATEX FOAM ® inserted under the perforated leather insole to absorb perspiration, your daughter's feet will stay dry, comfortable, and fresh in all weather conditions.



Beautiful Continental Styles
Pablosky began by opening a small factory in Toledo, Spain. 40 years on, the firm continues to work with the same family team, and has become a benchmark in the children's market with a presence in over 35 countries.

The production of quality shoes, foot health and fashion are the basis of the company Philosophy. Over the last two decades Pablosky has designed and produced footwear with its first concerns being foot care and quality of the product.

startrite shoes logo

Start Rite

Start-rite is renowned and trusted by generations of parents for producing quality fitted footwear, offering the comfort and protection needed along the way. With 220 years of experience and expertise, Start-rite are dedicated to creating quality, durable, stylish-fitted footwear designed especially for children of all ages.

They pride themselves  on being passionate about the importance of children's foot health throughout their developing years and are dedicated to providing the right fit, style and comfort for happy, healthy, growing feet. They also strive to introduce and incorporate unique product features into their designs to ensure the ranges offer something that little bit extra.

We were delighted to see Prince George wearing Start-rite shoes in his recent official Christmas pictures. In the adorable pictures, the cute Prince was seen wearing First-Walking shoe Jo, in navy leather. The Jo style was first designed 30 years ago and is a key style within the enduring Start-rite Classics range.

The Duchess is renowned for her timeless style and love of British designers, so we’re thrilled that Start-rite has once again caught the eye of the royal family. Start-rite began supplying footwear to the Windsor children in 1955, was granted the Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth and supplied footwear for the Prince’s Charles, Andrew and Edward and Princess Anne. The brand was then granted the second Royal Warrant by The Prince of Wales in 1989 and supplied footwear for the young Princes William and Harry.



Froddo has 60 years shoemaking experience resulting in their shoes being made to a very high standard. All Froddo shoes are leather upper and full leather lining with a unique footpad, which is anatomically shaped to be light, flexible and comfortable.





A Perfect Fit from Portugal
The Petasil Company was founded in 1988 in S. João da Madeira, the capital of footwear in an area historically associated with the footwear industry.

All Petasil footwear is produced with high quality leather both on the upper and in the lining. The soles are produced to provide maximum comfort to children’s feet and shock absorption for their heels.

The basis of Petasil’s success over the years is due to the desire to produce footwear of the highest standard of fit and quality and to deliver them to consumers only via reputable, high quality footwear retailers.